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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process in which an individual and therapist co-create goals with the intention of increasing the patient's quality of life. Therapy may be focused on healing from trauma, overcoming unhealthy thought patterns, increasing self-esteem or many other areas of self-growth. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves a therapist and two or more individuals working toward a similar goal. These goals may be related to specific physical or emotional health concerns, or may be focused on topics of self-improvement such as social skills or parenting. The group dynamic provides a supportive environment for patients as they work toward achieving their goals.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is focused on the well-being of the family system. It may be centered around improving relationships, adjusting to major life transitions, dealing with grief and loss, chronic illness, or many other of life's challenge that can put a strain on family relationships.


Workshops and other trainings are available for patients, families and healthcare providers. These events can be focused on a myriad of topics including self-care, secondary caregiver trauma, trauma-informed care, dealing with grief and loss, and many others. Please contact Healing Hearts directly to inquire about additional topics. 

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