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Healing Hearts Medical Family Therapy
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Healing Hearts Provides Emotional Support for Medical Trauma.
Medical crises often lead to emotional and psychological trauma. Your medical providers take care of your body; we take care of your heart and mind.

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Healing Hearts Medical Family Therapy provides therapy for medical trauma.

Medical crises often cause psychological distress and trauma. Healing involves the patient, their whole family, and their care providers. Hospital Critical Care Units are designed to address the medical needs of the individual in crisis, but are often ill-equipped to address the psychosocial stressors of the individual patient, let alone their family. Healing Hearts provides the missing link in whole-person and whole-family care.

We provide the missing link in healthcare.

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We fill the "whole" in healthcare.

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If you are a patient, a family member, or a medical professional, we are here for you.

Healing Hearts Treats Patients Impacted by Medical Trauma


When an individual experiences a significant injury or an acute or chronic health condition, (no matter how "big" or "small" it may seem), neurological changes take place in their brains that constitute "trauma." These experiences can lead to increased stress, discouragement, fear and irritability. If these descriptions ring true for you, Healing Hearts can help you recover from trauma to find peace and comfort.

Healing Hearts Treats Families Impacted by Medical Trauma


Has a family member or friend recently experienced a significant physical injury or acute or chronic health condition that has led you to feelings of stress, discouragement, fear or grief? Sometimes the person suffering most isn't the one lying in the hospital bed. If you are experiencing any of the above feelings associated with a loved-one's medical condition, Healing Hearts can provide the support you need to take care of yourself so you can be better prepared to support your loved one.

Healing Hearts Treats Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Are you a healthcare professional that has spent years caring for others, and find yourself feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or otherwise discouraged by your current working conditions? If so, you are likely experiencing what we call compassion fatigue or secondary caregiver trauma. Healing Hearts can help you process through this trauma and find peace and rejuvenation in your work experience.

Healig Hearts uses the biopsychospiritualsocial approach to therapy


The BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual Model of Medical Family Therapy is a holistic approach to therapy that acknowledges the interaction between biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of patient care.  Combining this model with family systems theory helps us intervene with constraining beliefs in an individual or family system and assist in their transformation toward healthier, more facilitative beliefs.

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